Moving the Needle.

so, you have a commercial interior project but don’t know where to begin //

Getting started can be the most challenging part of project — especially when it comes to a work environment where there are lots of needs to meet and preferences to take into account.


McCoy Rockford is here to help. Our goal is simple: to transform your workplace into one where your team is comfortable and lively — one where they can be themselves, work confidently and thrive.


Bringing together furniture, flooring, architectural walls and technology, let us help you navigate vision, execution or both. Our commercial interior experts work directly with clients as well as architect and design firms who are represent organizations to:


1. Ensure your space is designed well to function efficiently.

2. Source furniture, flooring and architectural wall products.

3. Install your commercial interior products.

4. Guarantee you’re satisfied with the results.


Already have plans and need commercial interior products sourced and installed? We’re a great choice. Looking for design experts to put your ideas to paper? Let us get started. We make it easy to expand, condense, reconfigure, move or start up.

let’s talk about the process.