McCoy Rockford commercial interiors

Industry-recognized commercial interior project safety program.

McCoy Rockford is a safety authority in the industry. Our company’s safety program is directed by a full-time Safety and Risk Manager and includes in-house routine safety training and refresher courses and OSHA safety training. We also perform onsite Job Safety Analysis (JSAs) prior to beginning any project to address all potential hazards. Once a project begins, onsite safety is monitored by OSHA-certified field supervisors, who are also trained by the National Safety Council in CPR and First Aid.

Safety commitments are at the core of our work.

Our team takes safety very seriously. We acknowledge how important it is to work safely in all environments.
The McCoy Rockford team is committed to:

Working Safely

Working safely, because nothing is more important – not sales nor profits.

Meeting Laws & Regulations

Meeting or exceeding all applicable safety, health and environmental laws and regulations in all our business activities.

Contstant Growth

Continuous improvement of our safety, health and environmental performance.

Business Responsibility

Being the industry leader in conducting our business responsibly.

Management Responsibility

Management responsibility for safety culture

(this is a measure of managerial performance).

Individual Responsibility

Individual responsibility for completing all actions safely.

Safety isn’t new to us.

We have a culture of to include additional safety and we have adapted our current training program

Industry-recognized safety program.

McCoy Rockford began an in-house safety program in 1997. In the first 10 years after implementation, work-related injuries reduced by 57% while actual man-hours worked increased by more than 40 percent. Still, we are not resting on our laurels. The entire McCoy Rockford team is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our safety, health and performance.

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meet the safety team

Keeping safety one of our priorities.

Danny Uhyrek

Safety and Risk Manager

Mark Ballard

Director of Project Management