McCoy Rockford commercial interiors

Education interiors that create a space students love to learn in — we offer the latest beyond classroom furniture.

Your learning environment has the potential to attract the best and brightest in K-12 and higher education. Driven by student needs, learning environments are shifting to offer choice in the ways students interact, participate, lead, and attend. McCoy Rockford curates products that enhance educational environments, so students and educators are inspired to learn, teach and thrive in spaces designed specifically for them.

McCoy Rockford commercial interiors, education

Evolve with the future of education.

Learning in the 21st century encompasses so much more than the traditional lecture-style classroom dynamic. As blended learning, remote instruction and business-forward technology integrate into the classroom, McCoy Rockford is here to help you keep up with the times and create a space that students and teachers look forward to interacting in.

A better value all in the details.

McCoy Rockford is an authorized provider of services under numerous contracts, including the Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS), BuyBoard, NCPA, NJPA, E&I, TCPN – National IPA and TIPS. We have relationships with an extensive list of manufacturer partners – including Steelcase and Smith System – who participate in buying agreements and contracts, which means you have access to a range of high-quality products at the best prices possible. Our knowledgeable team will help navigate you through buying agreements and the bid process, so you feel comfortable with your choices.

Service that sets you apart.

From classrooms, libraries and makerspaces, to faculty areas and everything in-between, all spaces within an academic environment need to inspire and engage. McCoy Rockford acts as your project consultant from start to finish to help schools and universities cultivate workspaces that offer student choice, provide solutions for independent and group work and incorporate innovative technology.

  • Blended Classroom
  • Cafeteria/Dining
  • Coffee Bar
  • Collaborative Lounge Area
  • Faculty Work Area
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Library
  • Library Computer Area
  • Makerspaces
  • Meeting Room
  • Multifunctional Space
  • Multimedia Lab
  • Online Lab Classroom
  • Rotational Classroom
  • STEAM Classroom
  • Storage
  • Study Lab
  • Virtual Classrooms

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We’re bringing together a winning combination of furniture, walls, flooring and technology to create spaces that inspire people to do their best work.

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