McCoy Rockford commercial interiors

Making your clients’ real estate work for them.

Research shows that 74% of respondents from top-performing companies were highly satisfied with their personal workspace, as compared to less than 50% from average-performing companies who were less than satisfied with their workspace. Where people work matters — and how a workplace is outfitted can make or break satisfaction.

Whether your clients’ environments focus on working, learning or healing, McCoy Rockford will leverage our experience to make it work for them.

Commercial interiors are our expertise. We’re here to help on any current or future projects.

  • Furniture, Flooring & Walls
  • Consultation
  • Design Support
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Commercial Floor Replacement
  • Installation & Reconfiguration
  • Disinfecting & Cleaning
  • Asset Management & Storage
  • Commercial Moving
  • Furniture Rental

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