Moving the Needle.

your project might be small, but it’s mighty //

Curating an environment that works for your team is important, no matter the size. Whether you’re repurposing a section of an existing workspace or you’re undertaking a satellite office expansion, it’s valuable to work with a team that can handle the full scope.


McCoy Rockford is your single resource. Depending on your needs, our team will follow our explore, analyze and tailor process and work alongside interior construction to meet your goals.


explore //

Meet with an experienced salesperson and design consultant to discuss your project goals and challenges, vision and preliminary budget.


analyze //

We will set our focus on the specific demands of your workspace. We can help you best determine:


  • Your needs to disperse for the safety of others
  • Ideal seating conditions for workstations
  • Ideal seating conditions for collaboration areas
  • Safety signage needs throughout your facility


A review of existing drawings and creation of new renderings will be necessary to assess your facility's current state and assist with planning. Our team will share ideas and suggestions before product sourcing and installation takes place.

let’s talk about the process.