McCoy Rockford commercial interiors, Houston

McCoy Rockford Houston

We can’t wait to show you around.

Book your tour of the main showroom, where you can experience some of the latest workplace, healthcare and education products from Steelcase and other manufacturers. If you need a quick turnaround on your project, request a tour of Maverick, our ready-to-ship collection of speed-to-market pieces.

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“Our showroom is a dynamic and carefully orchestrated space that serves as a powerful tool for brand representation, product showcasing, and engaging with visitors on both an emotional and educational level. Brimming with opportunity, these areas are meticulously planned to guide visitors through a seamless and immersive journey, and we desire our visitors to feel activated and energized to engage with our space. As Showroom Host, my intention is to set the tone for a memorable experience during your time in our building.”

Arianna Day

Houston Showroom Host