social distancing assessment //
Know your options when it comes to repurposing and restructuring the way your workspace flows and functions. With our Social Distancing Assessment, we take the hard work out of rethinking your workspace, so that it serves your team and clients with optimal efficiency and keeps the environment safe.

reconstruction with a purpose

explore //

Meet with an experienced salesperson and design consultant to discuss various project aspects and estimate workload. We can talk through:

  • Project goals and challenges
  • Your vision
  • Preliminary budget
analysis //

We will set our focus on the specific demands of your workspace. We can help you best determine:

  • Your needs to disperse for the safety of others
  • Ideal seating conditions for workstations
  • Ideal seating conditions for collaboration areas
  • Safety signage needs throughout your facility

A review of existing drawings will be necessary to assess your facility's current state and assist with strategy. To better establish a plan for your facility, we will use tools such as:

  • Existing CET drawings 
  • CAD 2D or 3D designs
  • Applied symbols to accurately identify potential needs
experience //

You will receive items you can use to make your workplace a safe space. You will receive:

  • An outlined document of potential needs
  • A map identifying capacity and general safety reminders
  • A template of signage with editing capabilities
  • Training on how to use and read the plan set in place for your facility


for your business and ensure the safety of your employees and clients now and in the future.