WP Engine interior by McCoy Rockford

WP Engine

“Each floor had its own purpose and variety of spaces, from soft seating to high top tables and chairs to moveable training tables and dividers.”


WP Engine Headquarters, Austin, Texas


20,000 sq. ft. (four floors)


Technology & Digital Services

Featured manufacturers
  • Steelcase
  • Steelcase Partners
  • Create a fresh space after rebranding that would welcome employees back to the office post-work-from-home
  • Upgrade furniture and make selections that would reflect a more mature company, not a startup
  • Create unassigned workspaces for employees
  • Design Support
  • Project Management
  • Commercial Moving
  • Installation


WP Engine wanted to transform four traditionally designed floors, in which workstations were densely packed, into open spaces that facilitated a variety of work styles.


The offices were reconfigured into nomadic work environments, with no more than 50% of the space dedicated to individual workstations. Each floor was designed to accommodate specific types of working and thinking. For collaborative work, employees could choose between more formal conference rooms and casual meeting areas. To optimize individual ideation, soft seating and creativity-boosting dividers were provided, in addition to personal desks.


The project went smoothly, from initial designs through installation. Next steps for the space include stylizing with accessories and additional greenery to continue softening the work environment.

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