River Oaks Baptist School interior by Steelcase.

River Oaks Baptist School

“There was nothing traditional about River Oaks Baptist School. McCoy Rockford used a wide variety of classroom and lounge chairs, desks, tables, storage solutions and dividers to create unique spaces that reflected the values and personality of the school.”


River Oaks Baptist School, Mosing Middle School Building, Houston, TX


6 floors, new construction



Featured manufacturers
  • Steelcase
  • Steelcase Partners
  • Create a space that fosters each child’s unique learning style
  • Enhance classrooms and learning spaces to reflect the school’s modern, research-based curriculum
  • Design a space that promotes wonder and curiosity
  • Design Support
  • Project Management
  • Installation

The Challenge

The River Oaks Baptist School’s Mosing Middle School Building was originally designed with a traditional classroom layout, but the school wanted to foster a more modern, forward-thinking curriculum. To achieve their objectives, new developments in social-emotional learning, differentiated instruction and educational psychology had to be considered.

The Solution

River Oaks Baptist School wanted an academic space suited for all learning styles that facilitated social connection, individual thought and dynamic instruction. McCoy Rockford selected colors, materials and finishes that stimulated creativity, transforming typical classrooms into exciting and energizing spaces for young minds.

Versatile classrooms and common areas were outfitted with wheeling chairs, standalone desks and mobile tables, creating flexible and adaptive spaces. Individual whiteboards stored on a track station offered students a robust platform for solo presentations as well as group learning opportunities.

The Results

Through a deep understanding of current learning trends, McCoy Rockford was able to provide product suggestions that that supported the school’s immediate objectives while allowing for future growth. River Oaks Baptist School faculty, staff and students were extremely happy with their new learning environment.

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