Astros Foundation & Chevron Center for Education & Golf interior by McCoy Rockford.

Astros Foundation & Chevron Center for Education & Golf

“We helped value engineer their original idea to make it more cost-effective while still functioning the way they wanted it to, and with the same look and feel.”


Memorial Park, Houston, Texas


20,000 sq. ft. (two-story office and education center)


Oil & Gas

Featured manufacturers
  • Steelcase
  • Steelcase Partners
  • Build a center for golf and education
  • Create functional multi-use space for community events, outreach and educational programming
  • Reconfigure flexible classroom spaces to accommodate STEM activities
  • Design Support
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Asset Management & Storage

The Challenge

To expand the existing golf clubhouse in Memorial Park and turn it into a showcase for the Houston Open, the Astros Foundation and Chevron knew they needed a partner that could move quickly. By leveraging its relationships with Steelecase and other commercial manufacturers in the Steelcase Partner Network, McCoy Rockford was able to deliver a stunning multiuse space within a relatively short time frame.

The Solution

McCoy Rockford created versatile spaces suitable for events related to the Houston Open as well as community education programs and receptions. Convertible locker rooms were designed to double as classrooms when needed, with a variety of locker units, seating options and desk configurations provided for maximum flexibility.

The Astros Foundation color palette was combined with wood finishes and neutral tones to create a sporty aesthetic that would stand the test of time. Bright, energizing upholstery fabrics were selected for classrooms and locker rooms, while navy and tan leather chairs imparted a luxe feel to reception areas.

The Results

The building was furnished — including the last-minute addition of a fire pit and seating — in time for the start of the Houston Open. Despite the tight deadline, McCoy Rockford was able to source and deliver styles that matched the design intent as well as the projected budget. The Astros Foundation and Chevron felt they had exceeded their goal of providing a new center for golf and STEM learning at the Memorial Golf Center.

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Cindy Dick, Sr. Account Manager, McCoy Rockford
Cindy Dick

Sr. Account Manager

Ron Weber, Project Manager, McCoy Rockford
Ron Weber

Project Manager

Kim Bishop, Vice President, Strategic Accounts, McCoy Rockford
Kim Bishop

Vice President, Strategic Accounts