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personalized learning made possible by commercial interior products //
Where and how students learn greatly affects what they learn. And while students are preparing for the future, they are learning in environments built for the past. Today, elementary schools through post-secondary institutions are evolving learning spaces to personalize the learning experience and support, active, inspired and collaborative learning. Driven by student needs, learning environments are shifting to offer choice. 

Because every space in an academic environment is inherently a learning space, it’s important to get the design right. McCoy Rockford offers products that enhance educational environments, so students and educators are inspired to learn and teach. Our commercial furniture solutions take into consideration how students learn and how educators teach, to create collaborative learning environments that promote a rich educational experience. 

Furniture is just the half of it. Our architectural and flooring solutions fit right in. And our seamless technology integration takes students beyond the walls of the classroom. McCoy Rockford also offers a suite of commercial interior services that facilitate the management of ongoing and evolving needs to reconfigure, modify or update spaces

a space for all //

No matter the grade level, all educational institutions need places for students, teachers and administrators. From classrooms, libraries and makerspaces, to faculty areas and everything in-between, all spaces within an academic environment need to inspire and engage. McCoy Rockford is proud to help schools and universities cultivate workspaces that offer student choice, provide solutions for independent and group work and incorporate innovative technology. Our team has experience designing and outfitting all types of academic spaces, including:

  • Blended Classroom
  • Cafeteria/Dining
  • Coffee Bar
  • Collaborative Lounge Area
  • Faculty Work Area
  • Flipped Classroom

  • Library
  • Library Computer Area
  • Makerspaces
  • Meeting Room
  • Multifunctional Space
  • Multimedia Lab

  • Online Lab Classroom
  • Rotational Classroom
  • STEAM Classroom
  • Storage
  • Study Lab
  • Virtual Classrooms

experts at buying agreements & contracts //
McCoy Rockford is an authorized provider of services under numerous contracts, including the Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS), BuyBoard, NCPA, NJPA, E&I, TCPN – National IPA and TIPS. We also have relationships with an extensive list of manufacturer partners – including Steelcase and Smith System – who participate in buying agreements and contracts, which means you have access to a range of high-quality products at the best prices possible. 

Our knowledgeable team will help navigate you through buying agreements and the bid process, so you feel comfortable with your choices. We also understand how restrictions may affect how you buy and can develop a plan that ensures your school or district is purchasing the right products, with the right discounts, from the right manufacturers. From extended warranties to volume discount pricing, our team knows the ins and outs of the process.  


Instead of fixed rows of chairs and desks all facing one direction – typically towards the instructor – classrooms are changing. While lecture mode is important, classrooms need to quickly transition to accommodate different activities. In one lesson, a classroom can transition from lecture mode to small group work to presentation to discussion and back. Furniture that offers mobility and flexibility puts learning in the hands of students and teachers. 

more than a piece of real estate

as your partner, McCoy Rockford looks forward to creating learning environments that support, connect and inspire students. Review our portfolio to see how we’ve helped others achieve their vision.