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rethink your corporate office with innovative commercial interior products // 
The fact is, traditional offices are transforming. The cookie-cutter layout of massive private offices, cramped cubicles and single-purpose spaces are just not effective anymore. As agile working best practices are infused into the corporate climate, your office simply needs to offer more meaningful workspaces. 

Driving layout and furniture placement, the agile concept demands creative and unique working areas to ensure your staff has choices and flexibility when it comes to where they work and who they work with. Focusing on collaboration, corporate offices are compressing autonomous work spaces to add team areas that aren’t confined by walls. Lounges, huddle rooms, seating areas, whiteboard space, conference rooms – anywhere organic and planned meetings can take place before individuals disperse to tackle the work. Your company might also be looking for ways to optimize traditional single-use areas like cafeterias into outfitted spaces for informal meetings or works sessions.

From energy to technology, financial to legal, whatever industry your corporation falls within, McCoy Rockford has developed an expertise for creating high-performing workspaces. Our partnerships with over 200 manufacturers, including industry-leading Steelcase, enables you to purchase high-quality office furniture for every space. And, because we understand there is no standard solution, our team welcomes the opportunity to get to know systems and people intrinsic to your organization to serve your unique cultural and organizational needs.

Choosing the Right Real Estate

Don’t have your office yet? The McCoy Rockford team can help you determine the right amount of space for your organization. We can also identify ways to compress your space to save money and effectively use every inch of your real estate. Our goal is not to win a project with your company, but to gain your trust. Our mission is to be a resource you come back to, when a furniture, architectural, flooring or ongoing facility services need arises.

Inspiration for Your Space

a space for many audiences //

Your corporate space needs to perform. It must provide effective workspaces while creating an environment that reflects your brand and corporate culture. Welcoming clients, employees and potential candidates is part of that. Your office must be well thought out to engage clients, inspire your staff and recruit top talent. With research and insights in hand, McCoy Rockford will take your corporate office to the next level. 

More than a Piece of Real Estate

as your partner, McCoy Rockford looks forward to creating office environments that support, connect and inspire people. Review our portfolio to see how we’ve helped others achieve their vision.