Moving the Needle.

strategic workstations for an efficient workspace footprint //
The landscape of today's workplace is changing. Footprints are shrinking while expectations are growing. Individuals and groups are looking for a variety of workspace settings to choose how and where they want to work autonomously and collaboratively. Today's workspace needs to work harder by working smarter.

McCoy Rockford is the expert at making your real estate work for you. Because we understand connectedness is crucial for a creative and energized work environment, our team will present workstation configurations that create multifunctional spaces. Guiding your organization through the furniture selection process, McCoy Rockford will ensure your space maintains a standard appearance and integrates flexibly so your staff can work how they want to.

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Case Study: Creating an Inspired, Creative and Innovate Workspace for Accenture
View the case study video to see how Steelcase and McCoy Rockford helped Accenture with their Workplace 2.0 strategy for a more efficient, effective, engaged and environmentally-sound workspace. Because every space was designed to be multi-functional, Accenture transitioned from three floors and 66,000 square feet to one floor and 25,000 square feet.


From benching to desking to panel systems, McCoy Rockford offers workspace furniture that will optimize your commercial real estate. 

Height-Adjustable Tables

Adjustable table options enable easy changes in posture from sitting to standing throughout the day, leading to a positive impact on physical health. 

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Benching systems are ideal for functional workspaces as they support group and autonomous work in the office, classroom or hospital environments. 

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For open floorplans or individual working space, desks literally set the stage for the work at hand across all environments and industries.

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Flexible panel systems help optimize open real estate without sacrificing privacy and productivity.

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