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seating solutions for working, learning & healing environments //
Because everyone works differently and all work environments function in unique ways, one chair does not fit all. For example, office seating can vary by department or individual, and can be dictated by other furniture and architectural elements in your space. Seating for your modern classroom may be on castors to achieve a flexible learning space. And your healthcare facility will undoubtedly need different seating solutions for patients and family members.

McCoy Rockford considers all factors when it comes to outfitting your workspace with appropriate seating. Considering design and material options with ergonomic benefits, our team recommends seating solutions that accommodate your staff’s unique workstyles.


From ergonomic functionality that ensures comfort and supports health, to sculptural forms that make a statement — there’s a chair for every space in the office. Task chairs, lounge chairs, stackable chairs, collaborative seating, guest seating and executive seating — every chair has a job to do.


For the office, classroom or hospital environment, collaborative chairs offer comfort for extended periods of time.

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Executive Seating

Ergonomic performance with contemporary designs to meet seating requirements throughout your space.

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Lounge Seating

Sit back, relax and get cozy. Modern lounge seating options create spaces people want to sit in and work at.

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Guest Seating

Guest seating in every style to make visitors feel right at home and comfortable while waiting in reception areas or hospital waiting rooms.

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Task Seating

Individuals spend more time in their task chair than virtually anywhere else. 

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Clinicians & Patient Seating

Meeting the needs of clinicians and patients across different healthcare settings from waiting areas to exam rooms to hospital rooms.

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Classroom Seating

Chairs that are mobile and flexible are important to support learning that takes place in all education environments. 

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