Moving the Needle.

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As we continue to navigate through unprecedented times, the rennissance of the home office also continues. Whether workers are choosing to office out of their home or there is a mandated work-from-home policy guiding decisions, one fact remains: the home office should inspire, engage and support productivity just like an office would at a company's place of work.






Choose Your Workspace

Create a small office, multipurpose space or dedicated office with these recommendations.

  • Multipurpose Space

    A freestanding desk and office chair with a more residential aesthetic can easily be added to any existing space.

  • Small Office

    This dedicated home office combines performance and expression. The height-adjustable desk allows you to sit or stand throughout the day, while the accent pieces add a personal touch.

  • Large Office

    Focus on solo work at home in this stylish and inspiring home office. Tackle your to-do list at the standing-height table or join a virtual meeting from the sofa — all in one space.


Featured Manufacturers

McCoy Rockford's experienced team of craftsmen delivers flawless installation of materials from these and other engineered wood floor providers.

Inspiration for Your Space