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supplemental products and ancillary furniture for relaxed & flexible commercial interiors //
Lighting, interactive boards, power and data accessories, cable management and organizational tools – it’s the ancillary furniture that transforms a workspace into an engaged and hard-working environment. Designed to accommodate individuals and groups, these products support your organization and inspire your people.  

As your working, learning and healing environment evolves to be more collaborative and creative, multifunctional ancillary furniture will optimize your square footage. As individuals are untethering from traditional workspaces featuring a desk, chair and storage, ancillary furniture has become increasingly popular for many workspaces and in-between spaces. 

McCoy Rockford realizes not everyone in your organization works the same way – which is why we leverage ancillary furniture. Offering a variety of lounge chairs, stools, benches, bistro tables, lighting and accessories, we can accommodate everyone, including those who prefer a more relaxed, flexible space. 


Don’t mistake ancillary furniture sold in stores for high-quality, commercial products. While products may look similar, it’s important for you to purchase commercial-grade products from reputable manufacturers for longevity. McCoy Rockford will help guide you through the extensive options. 


Let there be light. Task lighting, floor lighting, up lighting and ambient lighting. You name it, we’ve got it!

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Boards & Easels 

On the wall or on a mobile space to write what comes to mind.

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Technology Support

Make any workstation ergonomic with monitor stands, laptop supports and more.

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Organizational Worktools

Get organized with these tools to help you find what you’re looking for and keep your space streamlined.

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