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rubber flooring for commercial interiors //

Ideal for many interiors, including medical spaces, labs, gyms, fitness centers and classrooms, rubber flooring is slip-resistant, shock absorbing and stain-resistant. Commercial rubber floors are also sustainable, hard-working and come with great design capabilities. As an extremely versatile product, rubber flooring makes it possible for your organization to work without worrying about your floor covering choice.

functional and aesthetic rubber flooring //

McCoy Rockford specifies and installs rubber floor covering in hundreds of colors and textures. Working with our preferred manufacturers, we create attractive and tailored rubber flooring designs that complement the function of your space. Unique patterns and solid colors guarantee there’s an option that will perfectly balance your interior design, commercial furniture and architectural features.

Featured Manufacturers

McCoy Rockford's experienced team of craftsmen delivers flawless installation of materials from these and other rubber floor providers.