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engineered wood floors for commercial interiors //

Your commercial flooring helps define the space – so why not use a material engineered to perform? Enhancing hardwood’s natural performance, engineered wood floors offer added durability and stability. Often finished with coatings for added resistance to dents and scratches, engineered hardwoods are designed to have a longer life. Engineered wood floors will take your commercial interior to the next level.

the warmth of engineered wood floors //

Wood floors bring a warmth and ambient beauty unlike any other flooring choice. From pecan to bamboo, newly stained to reclaimed, wide plank to standard strips – wood solutions add an upscale feeling to any room. Engineered woods, exotic species and prefinished options are all available from McCoy Rockford.

Featured Manufacturers

McCoy Rockford's experienced team of craftsmen delivers flawless installation of materials from these and other engineered wood floor providers.