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Why You Should Consider Sustainable Design: Protect the planet, increase well-being and save money.

McCoy Rockford

When it comes to sustainable design, the benefits are plenty — your sustainable design can help keep the blue planet green, but it can also increase the health and happiness of your employees and save you money. Luckily, 21st-century technological advances have made it easier to make sustainable choices. From upcycling and choosing environmentally friendly materials to opting for an innovative office interior, learn how sustainable design can save you money, increase the well-being of your employees and help keep the earth spinning ’round.

Protect the Planet
Being aware of materials is the first step to creating a sustainable design. Choose items made with the environment in mind and buy from companies that value sustainability. Steelcase, our primary furniture manufacturing partner, works hard to effect positive change and runs a materials chemistry practice used to understand the effects of what goes into their products. They are phasing out anything of concern as they create alternatives and team up with companies that share similar beliefs.


Increase Wellbeing
Part of sustainable design includes reducing negative impacts on the health of those in the space. With McCoy Rockford, keeping the well-being of your employees at the forefront of your mind is made easy. You can improve mood and increase alertness when you let in natural light with Alur’s glass walls. Or, maybe the noise of the office is distracting its occupants and affecting performance — the QtPro by Steelcase can help. McCoy Rockford offers a variety of versatile products suited to your sustainable design needs.

Save Money
We all know recycling is good for the planet, but what about upcycling? This term refers to the process of reusing material without reducing quality. As it pertains to sustainable design, upcycling can cut costs and allow for more room in your budget. Instead of purchasing new furniture for your office, consider pre-owned. McCoy Rockford has a detailed maintenance and repair team overseeing upcycled furniture to ensure the pieces of your sustainable design are in prime condition.

Let McCoy Rockford help you re-envision the workspace and create a sustainable design that works for you. Contact our team of talented professionals to get started today.