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Top Three Trending Office Colors for 2020

McCoy Rockford

Breathe life into the workplace with the top three trending office colors for 2020. Studies show that different colors have different effects. Whether choosing furniture pieces for the office or putting paint on the wall, the colors you choose matter — some colors are comforting and refreshing while others cause agitation. Use color wisely when you pick hues to uplift employees and enhance mood.

Green to Relax
Think seafoam and celadon — natural shades of green that offer an air of calm. Employees will feel at ease with the serenity these colors provide. Usher in relaxation when you choose furniture pieces of this hue like the West Elm Work Belle or West Elm Work Boardwalk, perfect for any lounge area or place of respite. Both pieces are modular and can be reconfigured to fit your space.


Yellow to Uplift
Keep employees happy with a splash of yellow. As the color of positivity and optimism, yellow is bound to be uplifting. Coalesse makes it easy to incorporate this cheerful color with their customizable LessThanFive Chair. Lemongrass Matte is the perfect shade of yellow for those looking to brighten up the office.

Pink to Energize
While red has been known to agitate, pink has been proven effective in boosting mood. Drab colors can drain the energy from employees. Keep them feeling agile with shades of pink like this one found in the Chameleon collection by Darran. Outfit the office with this desking, storage and screen solution. Chameleon was designed to provide comfort and boost productivity — personalize it to bring in a pop of pink when you choose the LF02 Just Rose finish. 

Are you ready to freshen up your workplace? With versatile products in a variety of hues, McCoy-Rockford can help you create a custom workplace that will keep employees feeling good.