Top Three Workplace Products to Boost Creativity

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The modern workplace is full of myths about creativity. We tend to consider certain roles — such as graphic design or web development — “creative,” while specialties like accounting are viewed as more rigid and technical. In fact, everyone, no matter their field of expertise, is capable of creativity. When designing functional workspaces for yourself, your team or your clients, a primary goal should be to create adaptable configurations that encourage team members to use their innate creativity as much as possible.

A growing number of workers and companies seek to do just that. Steelcase was among the first to develop people-first spaces and products that boost creativity based on principles of industrial-organizational psychology. Here we’ll look at a few of the best creativity-boosting products on the market.

1. Height-Adjustable Workstations
The standing desk can be traced back to the 15th century, when Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci is said to have ideated some of his most famous inventions (such as flying machines and armored cars) while standing. In 2022, height-adjustable desks have become ubiquitous, allowing workers to move seamlessly between standing and sitting positions.

Steelecase engineers some of the best height-adjustable workstations on the market. Its Ology Desk supports worker wellbeing by promoting circulation, movement and improved posture. The piece can also be customized with privacy screens, integrated storage and modesty panels. It’s a fantastic height-adjustable option for the home or workplace.

The Steelecase Slim Leg Height-Adjustable Desk features discreet cable management and an app or remote-controlled elevation function. What we love most about this desk is the visual richness of the woodgrain veneer, which stimulates the eyes and thereby connects different parts of the brain. Creativity is closely associated with neural pathway formation, as well as exposure to nature or natural materials.

For multi-level functionality, the Boost Pro Sit-to-Stand Desk from Clear Design is an excellent choice. These three-stage height-adjustable workstations are available in stand-alone and L-shaped versions. Best of all, the integrated power, data and wire management system allows you to program up to four configuration presets.

2. Whiteboards
There’s a reason whiteboards are so popular in modern offices: they’re powerful co-creation tools that enable everyone in the room to contribute and connect. They also accelerate the visualization process, allowing groups to evaluate ideas faster and more effectively. If you’re looking for a whiteboard to enhance the creative process in your home or shared workspace, look no further than the following options.

PolyVision’s Motif collection allows you to configure its high-performance collaborative panels in myriad ways. These frameless writing boards come in a range of colors, patterns and sizes. Plus, they’re magnetic and super easy to clean.

The Textura Mobile is another great option. This mobile, multi-purpose writing board features smooth-rolling casters with locks, so you can easily reposition the board — or roll it over to your colleague’s desk when you just can’t wait to share an idea. With its sound-absorbing panels, it also doubles as a privacy screen that enhances focus and productivity.

For another equally beautiful rolling design, consider the WorkSmith Easel from Rainlight. We love its woodgrain ledge, where you can store markers, magnets and sticky notes. These beauties come in a variety of colors and styles that match Rainlight’s gorgeous conference tables and chairs, so you can coordinate your collaborative workspace.

3. Lounge Chairs
When you think of creative work, lounge chairs may not immediately spring to mind. Loungers are for relaxing, right? Yes and no. If you’ve ever had a brilliant idea in the shower, you’ve experienced the way in which taking a break is sometimes the key to a breakthrough.

As part of its Creative Spaces collaboration with Microsoft, Steelecase created Respite Rooms designed to encourage such a-ha moments. These are private spaces that promote a restful brain state conducive to solitary contemplation — which is just as important to the creative process as high-energy collaborative thinking.

With its removable pillow insert for ergonomic sizing, swiveling tablet desk and matching storage ottoman, the Coalesse Massaud Lounge is a fantastic choice for residential or commercial offices. By allowing your body to relax, this chair encourages the mind to wander. And when your mind wanders, it’s likely to run into supremely creative ideas.

For both singular and communal spaces, the Philippa Armchairoffers soft comfort in a classic mid-century modern style. This chair would work equally well in a solitary respite area or collaborative common room. In either case, it allows workers to recline and access the relaxed brain state that is so essential to creativity.

Last but certainly not least, the Belmont from Terry Crews (yes, actor and former NFL player Terry Crews) is as comfortable and customizable as it is functional. This design is ideally calibrated for restful creative thinking. The high-back wings also create a cocoon-like feel that promotes solitary ideation. We love the range of finishes and textiles available for this piece.

If you’re interested in sourcing creativity-boosting products for your home or office, book a showroom tour at one of McCoy Rockford’s locations today.