Whether he’s meeting with his team, working with one of McCoy Rockford’s valued customers, checking out market trends or digging into economic data and statistical analysis, Ken is focused on navigating the constant evolution of McCoy Rockford. As CEO and one of the primary shareholders in the company, Ken has been able to merge his love of number crunching with his background in sales leadership. And after spending 16 years with Xerox, plus another nine years with a leading Dutch manufacturer, Ken feels like he made a Double Eagle with his role at McCoy Rockford. 

If you ever find Ken’s desk empty, be sure to check the golf course. Chances are you’ll find him teeing off with a mix of customers, prospects, friends or colleagues. After all, golf is more than just a game. For Ken, it’s a way to form bonds, share conversation and experience friendly competitiveness. And the fresh air will put almost anyone in a creative and solution-oriented state of mind. 

Whether he’s working in the office with the board and leadership team, or teeing off with customers and colleagues, Ken brings McCoy Rockford’s five core values to everything he does. 

Favorite Commercial Furniture Piece: My favorite products right now are interactive technologies like the Microsoft Hub. When it comes to actual furnishings, the Steelcase Brody is the coolest product. It’s like an airline cockpit in a personal work setting. 

Where Do You See McCoy Rockford in Five Years? I see a larger footprint in Texas as we grow in different markets. I believe that we are getting better every year. We have a great culture. We have a great leadership team. I believe we deliver very worthwhile projects to our clients, we become a partner in their success and we can bring that to more clients throughout Texas.