When it comes to putting lots of different pieces together, Deborah is a go-to person at McCoy Rockford. Her background in marketing and business development with Hewlett-Packard fed her curiosity about technology, and at McCoy Rockford, she’s seamlessly combined her IT interest with her ability to envision and manage the customer experience. The fact that she’s an avid puzzle solver in her downtime helps her see the big picture while managing so many moving parts.

Learning is a cornerstone of Deborah’s philosophy. Not only did she earn an MBA from Cornell, but she sometimes takes math and science classes to keep her skills sharp — when she’s not jogging trails or participating in endurance bike rides. 

At the start of her career with McCoy Rockford, Deborah learned everything she could about what works for customers — even attending installations to learn the process inside and out. She attended Customer Service Coordinator training to fully understand any challenges or roadblocks the customer support team might face. And her curiosity and openness to finding solutions helps empower the team to be service minded in all their interactions. It’s all part of keeping the customer front and center in every process while maintaining a positive, encouraging team environment. 

Favorite Commercial Furniture Piece: The Turnstone Buoy Stool! It bounces and allows you to rock. It’s probably one of my favorites because when my kids were smaller and I would bring them to work, they liked to bounce on the stool. They just thought it was the coolest thing ever. We even have some at home.

Where Do You See McCoy Rockford in Five Years? Technology is really going to drive great customer experience, and a great employee experience. It will give our staff better tools which makes their jobs easier and it enables us to provide the client a better experience.