Although he’s been in the furniture business for more than twenty years, Chris got some unusual national notoriety at his college job: McDonald’s. While working there, he was chosen to be in a series of national McDonald’s commercials as part of their campaign highlighting real restaurant employees. That first job not only gave Chris an opportunity to travel and meet people at the national level in marketing and sales, it also prepared him to think creatively, multitask effectively and master the communication skills required to manage large teams. 

Interacting with clients and ensuring a positive experience has always been at the top of Chris’ priority list. From installing furniture himself in the early days of his career, to engaging with clients during the design process to capture a company’s passion, his ultimate goal is to make sure people are comfortable embracing their spaces — so their organizations can thrive.   

When he’s not juggling priorities in the Houston office, Chris heads out to the ocean to catch some waves in crystal clear waters. He has traveled to many coastlines along North America and beyond, including Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Hawaii and Grand Cayman. But the clear waters off Destin, Florida continue to be his favorite local spot. 

Favorite Commercial Furniture Piece: It would have to be the Steelcase Leap Chair. I was at a dealership in the early 90s when Steelcase introduced the Leap chair. It was new technology and I loved sitting in it; it was so comfortable. 

Where Do You See McCoy Rockford in Five Years? I think we’re in a position to gain significant market share and be much further ahead than we are now. I’d like to see us expanding into other markets where we can take our brand experience and our capabilities to further our reach and grow our organization as a whole.