Can an Office Relocation Create ROI?

Dustin Staiger

The short answer is yes. While any office move requires a budget, it doesn’t have to be a sunk cost. Your company funds can become an investment when you plan your office relocation correctly. Our years of experience with office moving have taught us the difference between spending money to get work done, and spending money that will eventually work for you. Here are 3 ways your office relocation can result in a great return on investment.

Use Your Office Relocation As A Chance to Repair Your Furniture

If you’re ready to buy all-new furniture throughout the entire office, we can certainly make that happen. If not, the first ROI opportunity your company should take advantage of is the chance to have worn furniture pieces repaired.  

One of our services at McCoy-Rockford is furniture maintenance and repair. When it’s time to restore a well-loved, yet well-worn piece, McCoy-Rockford uses state-of-the-art technology to improve your furniture. Many items can be made almost new with the following:

  • Upholstery, painting and refinishing
  • Electrostatic painting for metal
  • Continuous flow recycling cleaning technology
  • Ultra Shield fabric protectant

If you’re not ready to purchase all new furniture, you may consider repairing well-loved, yet well-worn pieces

Before Your Office Move, Consider Long-Term Adaptability

If your company is going through an office move because you need more space, pay special attention to this ROI incentive. The most cost-effective office move is one that doesn’t more often than necessary. In other words, it’s important you choose a location that you can grow into without outgrowing it too quickly. When Southwestern Energy was relocating their 1,000+ employees from 5 different campuses into one Phase I building, they took this ROI tip into account.

According to the Commercial Relocation Network, there aren’t many concrete ways to predict whether you’ll need more space in your new location in a few months or many years after your office move. When your new location is no longer new, needing space for more growth doesn’t have to mean another move. The long-term adaptability of your office can save you from the expense of another move when you make layout and furniture choices with flexibilty in mind.

By avoiding bulky, heavy and space-consuming furniture pieces, you can delay your next office move. Integrate furniture pieces that are flexible and space-saving. Having flexible furniture options will save you money in unexpected ways within a few years or even a few months.

Flexible furniture saves you money within a few years, or even a few months.

Partner with Commercial Office Relocation Professionals

Many office moves have begun with the unfortunate assumption that renting a few trucks and buying pizza for employees will save money. In reality, partnering with commercial office relocation experts often produces greater ROI for your company. 

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, one in every five moves results in a filed claim due to property damage of some kind. By partnering with commercial office move experts like McCoy-Rockford, you avoid finding yourself liable in a costly and time-wasting accident. Thanks to our safety program, you can have confidence you and your business are in good hands. This helps you focus on getting your company up and running in your new location, using your office move as momentum for further growth. Ultimately, the boost in productivity, morale and company culture is valuable ROI throughout the lifetime of your company.


  1. Use your office relocation as an opportunity to restore and revitalize well-loved yet well-worn pieces you’ve chosen not to replace with new furniture.
  2. Choose a location and accompanying furniture pieces that are adaptable to your company’s current position and its future.
  3. Partner with McCoy-Rockford’s office move professionals to ensure long-term ROI from your furniture and layout.