5 Reasons to Choose McCoy-Rockford for Your Office Move

Dustin Staiger

Office relocation is costly. And many times, the cost is more than just financial. According to the International Facility Management Association (headquartered in Houston, Texas), 66% of employees tasked with spearheading an office relocation process are either fired or quit within 6 months of the move. 

This astounding number points to the often underestimated difficulty that comes with moving a company across town, country, or the world. Thankfully, McCoy-Rockford’s office relocation team has the expertise necessary to ensure your company can execute your move without having to worry. Here are 5 Reasons McCoy-Rockford’s Commercial Office Relocation service is the best in Houston, Austin, and other areas.

Reason #1 – McCoy-Rockford Gets Involved As Early As Possible

The model for most moving companies is to show up on moving day with trucks and muscles. When you’re involved with other moving companies, part of your planning process includes figuring out how to manage and communicate with your movers. 

McCoy-Rockford doesn’t just show up to move your stuff. The moment your company has decided on a location, we want to be involved. Not only do we physically move your items from one location to the next, but we also streamline your planning process by lending you our overall project perspective and expertise. Our years of experience are now yours.

Reason #2 – McCoy-Rockford Helps Prepare Your Employees

When you’re preparing your employees for their respective office moving roles, you can be certain there will a lot of specific questions you may or may not feel prepared to answer. This is another reason we like to get involved as early as possible. We’ve worked with all kinds of office moves and come prepared with templates and instructions for employees so they can pack their items, load moving crates, and accomplish other moving logistics sooner.

The moment your company has decided on a location, we want to be involved.

Reason #3 – McCoy-Rockford Has Office Relocation Expertise

Will you be purchasing new furniture for your new office space? How will you coordinate moving and maintaining your old furniture amidst your new items? Where will you put your swing space in your new location? Will you need temporary storage during the move? Questions like these can add up quickly and become overwhelming. This is where we love to show up and take care of our clients, by using our expertise to answering questions you didn’t even know you’d have to answer!

Reason #4 – McCoy-Rockford Office Relocation is All-Inclusive

We understand your office moving time is hectic enough already. That’s why we’re a one-stop shop when it comes to planning, moving, and laying out your new location. Even in areas where your company or industry requires a special set of skills, we handle 3rd party vendor coordination.

So when your IT department is trying to move sensitive equipment or you’re trying to figure out how to move special custom pieces, we know the best in the business and are glad to lend you our connections so you don’t have to coordinate or worry as much.

We’re a one-stop shop when it comes to planning, moving, and laying out your new location.

Reason #5 – In Austin and Houston, McCoy-Rockford offers Storage Options

Many times, unforeseen events take place in an office move in such a way that the logistics you’ve planned are interrupted. Other times, the amount of items you’d like to move are simply too much to get done in a short amount of time. When this is the case, we offer storage options that keep your items safe, secure, and ready to be moved to their new destination at the right time.

In one case where we were brought on to move a company moving from Austin to Houston, we recognized rather quickly that their timeline required some temporary storage. With offices and storage options in both cities, we were able to secure their items safely in our storage until they were ready to move into their new location.

There are plenty of reasons why you should call McCoy-Rockford for your next office relocation. We’ve listed 5 of them here, but we’d love for you to discover the rest of them as well. Contact us so we can begin your office moving process sooner rather than later!

Key Takeaways

McCoy-Rockford’s Office Relocation Experts:

  1. Get involved as early as possible.
  2. Prepare your employees for your office move.
  3. Know the best practices for simplifying your processes.
  4. Are a one-stop shop for furniture and office moving.
  5. Offer storage options in Austin and Houston