How to Design a Workplace for Employee Engagement

Dustin Staiger

Employee engagement has received a lot of press over the last several years. There’s a good reason. Roughly one-third of the global workforce is disengaged. Leaders cannot ignore this because it translates into a bottom line issue for companies. According to a study by Towers Watson, this results in a 32.7% decline in operating income for companies with low levels of employee engagement. Meanwhile, companies with high levels of employee engagement enjoyed a 19% increase in operating income.

What can we do about this trend? It turns out, how we design the spaces we work in can affect employee engagement. Christine Congdon, Editor of 360 Magazine & Director, Global Research Communications, discusses new data from the Steelcase Global Report and how leaders should create a Resilient Workplace to help employees become more engaged.

See Christine Congdon’s revealing talk here:

Here are a few highlights:

Engagement and satisfaction correlate with employees’ ability to choose how and where they work.
Different modes of work need an ecosystem of space with options for different levels privacy, posture and presence.