A Word with the Houston Operations Team

McCoy Rockford

How many people make up the Houston operations team?
58 people

How do clients benefit from your experience?
Our team operates like a well-oiled machine. We have great teamwork and trust each other, which helps us work seamlessly. Because most team members have been in the business for a while, our knowledge and experience are vast which is an asset to our clients. Our team is also made up of a lot of tenured employees, which is important for building and investing in relationships with our clients. We’re familiar and clients will often ask for us by name.


What departments make up the Houston operations team?
Our team is made up of three departments: Installation/Service, Warehouse and Project Management. The Installation/Service department gives clients peace of mind. We take care with the furniture from when it’s first received through installation, and safety is a huge priority – we’ve gone eight years with no incidents. This department also oversees our moving, repair/touchup and restoration services. The Warehouse department receives, unloads and inputs deliveries into our system. The night shift loads deliveries for the next day, so we can be as efficient as possible for client deliveries. And finally, the Project Management department coordinates and communicates with clients, tradespeople and vendors from the beginning to the end of all projects.

 How does the department make a difference at McCoy-Rockford?
Clients depend on us, and we strive to go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right and exceeds expectations. We also take customer service very seriously. We return calls the same day and make ourselves available, so clients have confidence in their project.