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McCoy Rockford Counterpoint Series: Resimercial vs. Corporate Environment

McCoy Rockford

As the debate over office space environment continues, McCoy Rockford brings you both sides of the discussion. This month, we’re focusing on the argument for corporate environments and how more traditional workspaces can drive professional behavior.

Corporate Spaces that Provide Choice While Reflecting the Organization 

Every workplace has its own workflow and within that ecosystem, individuals have their unique preferences, too. Some organizations find it a challenge to balance offering options and respecting their internal culture. To create an environment that fosters individuality just as much as it promotes professional interaction is key to corporate spaces.

A Place for All

Space planning is crucial to ensure all needs are accounted for. From meeting places and social zones, to dynamic desking and private offices, your space should be tailored to your organization’s needs, workflow, culture and size.

Spaces that Support Creativity

Just because your business calls for a professional or corporate environment doesn’t mean it can’t have an engaging and creative atmosphere. In fact, all organizations need to areas for individual and group collaboration for innovative ideas to be thought up. A workplace that nurtures sharing doesn’t have to be overly casual.

Professional Doesn’t Have to Look the Same

Corporate environments are sometimes thought of as uninviting or cold because of their inherently consistent layouts. In today’s business landscape, corporate spaces don’t have to be cookie cutter to be viewed as professional. In reality, having a variety of options can actually boost employee engagement.

Now that we’ve covered both sides, you may have questions if a resimercial or corporate environment is right for your workspace. If so, please contact the us, so our experts can navigate you through your options.