A Word with the Austin Operations Team

McCoy Rockford

What departments make up the Austin operations team?

We have our project management group who ensures all projects are completed efficiently from beginning to end, an installation manager who oversees safety, manages third party vendors and appoints install leaders and teams, and a warehouse manager who oversees asset management and inventory. Under them, we have team members who work tirelessly to design and install successful projects.

How much experience does your team have?

I’d consider many individuals on our team to be veterans. Because everyone offers value, its our company’s job to identify what people are good at and place them were they can succeed. We also have been known to promote our own employees and give more responsibilities to those who deserve them.

How do clients benefit from your experience?
We’re proud of the network we’ve built and how available we are to our clients. When someone calls us, we either answer our phone immediately or call them back that same day. Customer experience is important to us and we are beyond happy to go above and beyond to make sure a job is done right and our customer is satisfied. 

How does the department make a difference at McCoy Rockford?
Our team is always striving to do our best — for each other and for our clients. From clear and consistent communication from our project management group, to the white-gloved approach our installation team takes, to the knowledge of our warehouse team, the Austin operations department does everything we can to make our customers happy.