5 Reasons an Office Relocation Company Will Save You Time, Money, and a Headache

Dustin Staiger

If you’ve ever moved from one home to another on your own, you understand that unexpected needs arise throughout the moving process. Now multiply those issues by the size of your company and you can see why moving offices can be a big headache.

Partnering with an office relocation company might sound unnecessary for the leader who likes to do things all by him/herself. Instead of trying to figure everything out on your own, below are 5 reasons you’ll actually be doing yourself–and your company–a huge logistical and financial favor when you partner with relocation experts.

Reason #1: Office Relocation Services Provide Insurance & Security

You wouldn’t hand your car keys over to a valet who doesn’t have a driver’s license, would you? It doesn’t make sense to hand your office’s valuable equipment and furniture to people who aren’t experienced in the proper way to move those specific items.

Moving the contents of your office with professionals who specialize in office relocation means your items are insured and you know exactly who is accountable for every item being moved. 

Reason #2: Office Relocation Companies Can Ensure Efficient Packing/Unpacking

Here’s a sentence you never hear when executives are in charge of office moves: “We had more than enough boxes and moving supplies!” Usually, amateur attempts at providing packing supplies result in needing more moving boxes, tape, bubble-wrap, and etc. 

Packing inconveniences slow down your preparations and create headaches throughout the rest of your moving process. Without professional office relocation services, your move will take much longer and cost more money than you initially planned. Since we pack and move office items all the time, we already know exactly how to pack everything you have in your office. We also provide you with moving boxes, totes, gondolas, labels and other supplies to help the process go quickly and smoothly.


 Reason #3: An Office Relocation Company Handles Heavy Lifting

Hoping your employees will show up to move heavy furniture? This can put you in a lose-lose-lose situation.

  • Loss #1 – The liabilities and danger involved in a potential employee injury can make for a much more expensive move than you imagined. Also, your relationship with an injured employee may be irreparably damaged. Even worker’s compensation and doctors may not heal that wound.
  • Loss #2 – Your valuable property could be damaged or destroyed. Do you want to tell your employees they won’t have a desk or computer for a while? You need your office equipment and furniture to run your business.
  • Loss #3 – Inconveniences like these make it probable that your moving process (aka getting back to the work that makes your company money) is delayed yet again.

Professional movers prepare for the heavy stuff and know the best way to lift what needs lifting. Through our McCoy-Rockford Safety Program, we’re happy to say we did not sustain a single OSHA recordable injury in the year of 2016 (that’s ZERO incidents)! Thanks to our safety leadership (Danny and Bobby) and the compliance of our workers, we have been able to reduce injuries year-after-year. This isn’t just great for us, it removes logistical headaches for you and helps keep your project on schedule.

Reason #4: Office Relocation Services Handle Heavy Logistics

Isn’t your brain keeping track of enough already with running your business? Figuring out the details and logistics of getting everything organized, packed, moved, unpacked, reorganized throughout your entire company sounds like something Micheal Scott would attempt to do on an episode of The Office. And how do you think that would end?

Doing too much usually results in many details being overlooked. With an office move, this slows down the process and further delays your company from getting back to work.

With each delay you avoid, injury you prevent, and logistical issue you don’t have to worry about, you save time and money.

Reason #5: Office Relocation Expert Methods Save You Money

This last reason is perhaps the most important because every other reason also falls into this category. With each delay you avoid, injury you prevent, and logistical issue you don’t have to worry about, you save time and money

A professional relocation company helps make certain your moving process is well insured and secure. Your packing and organizing processes are done away with as the relocation company you hire (let’s select one at random…how about McCoy-Rockford?) takes care of each step of the moving process.

Heavy lifting that could injure your people, damage your property, and impact your company are also taken care of–protecting the most necessary parts of what makes your company run smoothly. You can avoid the headaches of missed details and lost productivity, which easily add up to a significant financial loss. Partner with relocation experts who know exactly how to get you from where you are to where you’re going.


  1. Office relocation companies solve the issues of insurance, security, and safety.
  2. Office relocation companies have the experience necessary to make your office move as efficient as possible.
  3. Ultimately, office relocation companies’ methods will save your company lots of time and money.