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modular power supply for all interior environments // 
High performing environments need adaptable power solutions. Modular power solutions provide the freedom to create the right power solutions for current needs and expand as needs change. Plus, with the demand for flexible workspaces increasing, modular power ensures everyone has a place to work.

Minimize voltage drops, enable convenient circuit designation, spark speedy installation and empower subdivided circuits with modular electric solutions. After listening to your needs, the McCoy Rockford technology team will recommend a product that will seamlessly integrate into your space, powering furniture and users. Whether you need to power a classroom or work café, we’ll determine the right solution for your needs now and in the future. With flexible products, power can be added to new construction or retrofitted into your existing space.

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McCoy Rockford's experienced team of craftsmen delivers flawless installation of materials from these and other modular power supply providers.