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architectural & demountable walls that evolve with your workspace needs //
Not all walls are the same, and when it comes to building your space, McCoy Rockford can provide you options besides conventional construction. Architectural and demountable walls are ideal for spaces across all industries, including conference rooms, private offices and study spaces. Our experts will guide you through the glass system and solid panel options to determine what will work most effectively in your space. Both types provide features that encourage collaboration, engagement and productivity, while meeting privacy expectations in an open environment.





Also offering the flexibility your workspace demands, moveable office walls enable your space to be reconfigured relatively easily, meeting current needs and evolving with future ones. Not only does this adaptability ensure the efficient conversion of your work environment, but it allows you to change the layout of your space on demand, without permits and heavy construction – and oftentimes overnight to eliminate disruptions to your employees.


architectural walls & the modern workplace //
McCoy Rockford understands modern workplaces require walls to accommodate many features from technology integration to furniture to whiteboards. We also acknowledge discretion is crucial. Various panel features take into consideration light and acoustic transmission to strike the right balance between privacy and aesthetics.

do architectural & demountable walls fit my budget? //

The fact is, moveable walls are cost-effective and simple to install when compared to traditional construction. McCoy Rockford looks forward to providing facility owners, designers, architects and general contractors a cost comparison to illustrate the difference. Interior architecture flexibility coupled with accelerated depreciation, might make architectural and demountable walls the solution for your workspace.


Architectural Solutions for Your Commercial Interior

Read below for more information on the architectural and demountable wall options McCoy Rockford recommends.


Glass architectural walls seamlessly integrate with your workspace while enhancing aesthetics for a beautiful, flexible environment.



Solid moveable walls give you flexibility and modularity to evolve and grow with your organization’s needs.



Fixed-height, low-profile flooring options offer a hidden pathway for wires and cables while maintaining the accessibility needed.