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our company-wide COVID-19 response //
McCoy Rockford’s Return to the Workplace Task Force will oversee all activities moving forward related to safe work during and beyond COVID-19. Our task force serves as an asset to our customers and our staff as we press on with every resource made available to us from reliable and informed physicians, scientists and other organizations devoted to public health.







Part of our internal process includes infusing work safe initiatives to help benefit our team members as they return to work in the office. We take the safety of our team members seriously and offer transparency in the steps being taken. We strive to do everything possible to create a healthier work environment moving forward.

our extensive cleaning measures //

A disinfectant cleaning of our facility was performed before our team made their return for regular business hours and meetings. Our facility will be cleaned multiple times a day and include the following precautions:

  • High traffic areas will be cleaned multiple times a day per CDC guidelines.
  • Restrooms, conference rooms, break rooms, showrooms, door handles, handrails, elevators, sinks and more will be included in this cleaning.
  • Team members will wipe down their work areas at minimum at the beginning and end of their workday.
  • Team members will wipe down collaboration areas at minimum before and after every use.


Once the form is completed, you will receive a notification with a link to download the Return to the Workplace packet. 

Meet the McCoy Rockford Task force leadership

Team Member
Cara German A&D New Business Development Executive

Team Member
Henry Buenrostro Project Manager

Team Member
Sean Godfrey Installation Manager

Team Member
Max Renneker Dispatcher

Team Member
Larry Calhoun Specifications Auditor

Team Member
Talina Plant Customer Service Manager & Hedberg Manager

Team Member
Rachel Kennedy Showroom Experience Coordinator

Team Member
Aspenn Ward Designer & Showroom Curator

Team Member
Crystal Arevalo Human Resources Generalist

Team Member
Danny Uhyrek Safety & Risk Manager

Team Member
Ron Weber Project Manager


Although we are not new to safety, we are glad to take additional measures moving forward. Following increased safety protocols, weekly trainings have been updated to include COVID-19-focused protocols for all installers. Temperature screening and wellness checks also are required daily for all installers. Along with PPE standards, masks are now included in their safety tool kits.

We will continue to:

  • Provide:
    • Hand sanitizer on all trucks and in the tool kits of our installers.
    • Proper PPE for the job.
    • Disinfectant and disinfecting wipes upon request.
    • Face coverings including new daily disposable masks, 30-day reusable masks and N-95 masks if required.
    • Latex or nitrile gloves.
    • Face shields when necessary.
  • Sanitize all tools daily.
  • Use EPA-approved Biocide and sanitizer after each installation.
  • Sanitize vehicles after each use and at the end of every work day.
  • Sanitize the key machines daily.
  • Require that our installers have their own water bottle and prohibit the use of water fountains on and off-site.

In addition, we will:

  • Sanitize masks and uniforms.
    • Clean masks and shirts will be provided daily to installers.
    • Limits will be made to the number of job sites installers are allowed to visit daily.
  • We will take handwashing breaks.
    • Additional handwashing breaks will be set aside for each day.

daily operations checklist //
To accompany our increased safety measures our Installation Team now evaluates each and every day with a new set of regulations and checklist overview to ensure optimal efficiency and safety.




  • New daily protocols:
    • Daily self-screening and ready-for-work self-evaluation.
    • One point of entry into warehouse facility.
    • Daily pre-shift screening
      • Fever temperature check – Below 100.4°F or 38.0°C per CDC guidelines
      • Questionnaire check:
        • Have you experienced any of the following?
        • Dry cough
        • Difficulty breathing
        • Shortness of breath
        • Sore throat
        • Muscle aches not attributed to specific activity such as exercise
        • Chills
        •  Loss of taste or smell 
  • Daily toolbox meetings:
    • Discussion regarding sanitizing tools, hard and soft surfaces and cross contamination.
    • Use of medical-grade PPE in conjunction with standard PPE.
    • Disposal of used and hazardous PPE.
    • Site requirements and guidelines.
    • Washing hands and personal hygiene.
    • Social distancing practices before and after visiting a jobsite.
    • Traveling to and from jobsite in vehicles.


Download the following to help make your workplace healthier and safer

Image Workplace Questions to Consider

Ensure every area of your workplace is ready for when employees return with this multipage checklist.


Image Toolbox Talk Example

Use this example form to help get your daily toolbox talks started. Cover hot topics, including disinfection policies and social distancing best practices.


Image Design Considerations

Check out these new and repurposed commercial interior products intended to keep your workers healthy.


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