commercial interior furniture rental //

If purchasing isn’t the right solution for your company, contract furniture can meet short-term or long-term needs. Whether you need to rent for a meeting or conference or need to house additional employees for a short time frame, affordable options and flexible terms are available for a wide array of furniture products.

McCoy Rockford has partnerships with over 200 commercial furniture manufacturers, including Steelcase. If you need products quickly or for a short time period, our team can provide recommendations for furniture rental. We are experts at commercial interior outfitting and strive to offer aesthetically pleasing products while meeting your deadline. 


furniture rental for company events //
Our team has also worked with many clients who need products for a specific event, including company-wide meetings or conferences. We are happy to help select furniture that makes sense for your needs. In conjunction with our furniture sales and services team, the McCoy Rockford installation professionals will be involved in the process to assemble furnishings prior to your event date.   

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