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the initial space //

When the Memorial Park Foundation reached out to the Astros Foundation to bring an educational center to Memorial Park, it was a perfect opportunity to expand the existing golf clubhouse and turn it into a showcase for the Houston Open, as well as a functional multiuse space for community outreach and educational programming. Chevron joined the team and together they enlisted Kirksey Architecture to complete the project. There was one problem. There was a very short time frame before the Houston Open. 

Having worked with McCoy Rockford before, Chevron knew the commercial interiors company could make the timeline happen by leveraging their relationship with Steelcase and other manufacturers in the Steelcase Partner Network. 


objectives //

  • Build a center for golf and education
  • Create functional multiuse space for community events, outreach and educational programming 
  • Reconfigure spaces for flexible classrooms to accommodate STEM activities 


services rendered //

  • Design Support
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Asset Management & Storage

Memorial Park
Houston, Texas

Architect & Design

Kirksey Architecture


Metzger Construction Company


20,000 sq. ft. (two-story office and education center)


Oil & Gas

Featured Manufacturers

Steelcase Partners


the design //

The objective was to create functional, multiuse spaces that could be used for events related to the Houston Open as well as community education programs and receptions. Locker rooms were designed with the ability to be converted into classrooms, when needed, so a variety of locker units, seating options and desk configurations were specified to provide maximum flexibility. 

McCoy Rockford sourced a variety of options that met both design requirements and delivery deadlines. With a contemporary feel, the Astros Foundation brand tones were mixed in with wood finishes and a neutral color pallet. Bright fabrics and modern seating options will provide long-lasting durability to classroom and locker rooms, while navy and tan leather chairs bring a sports-themed luxe feel to reception areas.


“We helped value engineer their original idea to make it more cost-effective while still functioning the way they wanted it to, and with the same look and feel.”
—Cindy Dick, McCoy Rockford Account Manager


the furnishings //

Furnishings by Steelcase and other manufacturers within the Steelcase Partner Network were chosen for functionality and versatility. With each space serving a variety of purposes year-round, multipurpose seating options and a variety of desk and table designs provide maximum flexibility. 

The first floor of the building features floor-to-ceiling windows that flood reception areas with light and the natural scenery of Memorial Park. Reception area furnishings include rich, warm leather chairs and benches that can be easily moved and reconfigured for sporting events or community gatherings.

In dual locker rooms/classrooms, modern birch side tables can be used as individual desks or side tables and natural wood lockers blend in seamlessly when the room is used for workshops. McCoy Rockford brought in Steelcase's expert on K-12 education to discuss learning environment trends. That set the stage for what the selected solutions turned out to be.

Office and conference space was also important, and the natural wood finishes and Astro-orange- and cream-colored chairs extend throughout conference and community spaces on the second floor. 

featured products //

Turnstone Buoy: Designed for everyone, the Buoy is a flexible seating option that allows students to move around while participating in class. With the ability to adjust height with just a lift of a lever, it is easy to transport from room to room and can accommodate adults as well as kids. 

Fatboy Bean Bag: Oversized bean bag lounge chairs shape to the body for maximum comfort. Placed around the space, the bean bag chair offers casual seating.

Verb Training Tables: These tables are specifically designed to support different learning modes. The table shape improves sight lines, encourages collaboration and fosters a seamless shift between lecture, discussion and project work.

“We’re very proud of the project. Our focus was difficult as we were trying to create a PGA tour clubhouse that could transform into a STEM and education center to be used year-round. We saw the success of the Houston Open and we’ve already welcomed hundreds of kids through local schools and the Boys & Girls Club to use the space as well.”
—Giles Kibbe, Sr. VP and General Counsel, Houston Astros LLC, Crane Capital Group, Inc.

the results //

The building was furnished — including last-minute exterior seating additions and fire pit — in time for the start of the Houston Open. Despite the tight deadline, McCoy Rockford was able to source and deliver styles that matched the design intent as well as the projected budget. Satisfied with the great experience McCoy Rockford provided, the Astros Foundation and Chevron felt their goal of providing a new center for golf and STEM classrooms to the Memorial Golf Center was achieved.