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As the world is going wireless, distributing data, connecting voices and supplying power still requires a maze of wires and cables – two things well known for their ability to quickly clutter a clean design. Enter low-profile flooring. This option offers a hidden pathway for wires and cables, as well as easy maintenance and accessibility, making it possible for you to focus on what’s important.

McCoy Rockford understands that every inch of space in your work environment matters, which is why we offer a flooring solution that enables access to wires and cables while maximizes vertical space. We also ensure the construction is stable, so the footing won’t rock, buckle or echo and cause disruption in your workspace. 

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With their reputation as the global leader in furniture, Steelcase brings the same product quality and exceptional warranty support to architectural solutions. McCoy Rockford is proud to be the exclusive provider of Steelcase products in Houston and Austin.

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Easily access power receptacles and data outlets with a 2 1/2-inch profile that also conserves vertical space.

The landscape of today's workplace is changing. Footprints are shrinking while expectations are growing. Individuals and groups are looking for a variety of workspace settings to choose how and where they want to work autonomously and collaboratively. Today's workspace needs to work harder by working smarter.

McCoy Rockford is the expert at making your real estate work for you. Because we understand connectedness is crucial for a creative and energized work environment, our team will present workstation configurations that create multifunctional spaces. Guiding your organization through the furniture selection process, McCoy Rockford will ensure your space maintains a standard appearance and integrates flexibly so your staff can work how they want to.

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McCoy Rockford's experienced team of craftsmen delivers flawless installation of materials from these and other low-profile floor providers.