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commercial interior products backed by powerful research //

A company’s largest investments are typically in people, technology and real estate – usually in that order. McCoy Rockford positively influences these three areas and provides commercial interior products and services backed by industry-leading research. We stay current on all workplace trends, patterns and innovations so we can recommend the right products to create an engaged, collaborative, connected and integrated workspace. 


satisfaction equals performance //
Research shows that 74% of respondents from top-performing companies were highly satisfied with their personal workspace, as compared to the less than 50% from average performing companies who were less than satisfied with workspace. It is clear satisfaction leads to commitment and research supports the fact that dedicated employees perform at a higher level. 

How can your workplace foster loyal employees? Leave that to us. Your team at McCoy Rockford will guide you through your commercial interior furniture options to create the right space for your organization. Whether your environment focuses on working, learning or healing, McCoy Rockford will leverage Steelcase’s cutting-edge 360 Research to ensure we’re providing the latest workplace knowledge and insights. 


Read the in-depth studies and white papers available on how space planning, design and furnishings are empowering innovation, culture, collaboration, productivity and more.


Image New Work. New Rules. How hyper-collaboration is redefining teamwork and me work

Speed. Complexity. Disruption. These are the things companies need to deal with every day if they want to survive and grow. 


Image The Science of Collaboration How the body activates the brain and makes ideas better

Ask people where they get their best ideas and you’re sure to hear them say, when I’m going for a run, “walking in nature,” or the ubiquitous “in the shower.”


Image Make Room for Modern Tribes Steelcase Flex Collection builds dynamic spaces for today’s innovators

We all want to be on the team that disrupts our industry, rather than the ones who didn’t see it coming.



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