Tips for Relocating Your Office


We like to say "Great work deserves its place.TM" Sometimes that place is somewhere new. If you're planning on relocating your office, there are a few things you should consider. Moving your home is no small undertaking, but moving your business can create a whole new level of complexity. The biggest concern for leaders is understanding how disruptive an office move will be to operating their business. In order to maintain the optimal level of uptime, here are a few tips for a smooth office relocation:

1. Confirm Move Day Arrangements

Make sure to confirm move day arrangements (such as elevator reservations) in writing with both the origin and destination building managers.

2. Keep a Schedule

Office moves involve several different vendors (furniture, electrical, construction, etc.). Many of these precede the movers. Be sure to keep a schedule of who is where, and when they'll be there.

3. Update Contact Information

Order new business cards, letterhead and other branding ahead of time. Complete your change of address with the Post Office beforehand as well.

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