Moving the Needle.

commercial interior design with a purpose //
Your workplace needs the right layout with specific commercial interior products to successfully support, engage and connect your team. Even the most subtle recommendation can impact  performance, productivity and mood. And when it comes to a space that important, you can’t leave it to chance.

The McCoy Rockford Design Process

Helping you with vision, execution or both, McCoy Rockford is a team of experts, well-versed in what it takes to design and outfit the workplace of the future. Our goal is simple: to transform your workplace into one where your team is comfortable and lively - one where they can be themselves, work confidently and thrive.


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Renderings are a helpful tool to envision your space. It can be hard to visualize how each section is connected or how the furniture fits the space. But with renderings, you can see how your real estate and furniture investment will work for you. 


Check out these rendering exmpales. Could designs like this help you see your space differently?