Designing a Classroom Environment That Sparks Creative Minds

According to Edutopia’s latest video “A Child-First Approach to Classroom Design,” flexible classrooms give students choice over where and how they work. Adaptable learning spaces focus on the importance of a child feeling a sense of freedom in the environment, and furniture, technology, wall solutions and flooring can play an extensive role in the comfort and engagement that a room may provide.

Natural Light Can Brighten More Than Just the Room
Both students and teachers spend most of their day inside a classroom. To that end, creating the right environment where all can thrive is crucial. When trying to spark creativity and grow innovative minds, academic settings should have an energetic atmosphere, made possible by inviting natural light in with glass walls. Dividing walls can then be used to create more personal, quiet learning spaces. Learn more about establishing a flexible space with architectural walls.

", technology, wall solutions and flooring can play an extensive role in the comfort and engagement that a room may provide."

New Ways to Sit Can Advance Thinking
Some students may feel antsy or experience a surge of energy when they are sitting still for long periods of time. Accommodating students by providing innovative seating options can help ignite their creative strengths, and it would definitely be an added perk to any classroom. Collaborative seating, seats on wheels and seats with tabletops are a few of the extensive options available. Dive deeper to learn what Steelcase seating has offer.

16-0077093Crafting a Space for the Materials That Hold More Than Knowledge

The shelves that hold material that fuel classroom learning and support engagement between the teacher and students are hardly ever given enough credit. These shelves, surfaces and cabinets shape the design of the classroom’s space. Essentially, this determines how mobile both students and teachers can be everyday while in this environment — which can have a lot of power in how productive and collaborative individuals are.

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