Custom Workplace Designs Promote Employee Wellbeing

Personalizing your workplace helps employees feel comfortable and can increase efficiency and productivity. Your healing, learning or working environment becomes a happier and healthier space for all when employee wellbeing is a priority. Ready to learn more? McCoy Rockford reveals three easy ways to achieve a custom workplace design where your employees will thrive.

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Email alerts and ringing telephones can keep employees from finding the focus they desire. For situations that call for peace and quiet, tune out the world around you with enclaves and focus spaces — private areas that allow for deep concentration. Incorporating the use of the Brody WorkLounge by Steelcase makes it easy to provide employees shelter from interruption.

"For situations that call for peace and quiet, tune out the world around you with enclaves and focus spaces..."

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Harsh lighting can take its toll on a person and reduce energy necessary to be creative and engaged. By increasing the amount of natural light allowed into the office, mood and energy among employees will improve. Consider replacing office partitions and dividers with glass walls from Alur. You get the benefits of increased natural light paired with the modern, stylish look of the glass—it’s win-win.

One of the top complaints among employees is noise in the workplace. Even something as simple as sending an email can become a difficult task if you can’t find a way to ignore office conversations. This is where a custom workplace design comes in. Implementing EcoPrivacy Acoustic™ Panels from Making Privacy Simple (MPS™) will help mask sound and drown out distractions — your employees will thank you.

Are you ready to transform your workplace and enhance employee wellbeing? With a variety of innovative products, McCoy-Rockford can create a custom workplace design that will keep your employees smiling. Let our team of professionals help you create a space fit for your needs.